Bridge Finance

Our team can help you with short term finance requirements through relationships with reputable bridging lenders. We can arrange fast Bridging Loans, allowing you to immediately take advantage on a purchase opportunity.

With hundreds of bridging finance lenders to choose from choosing the right one is critical to the success of your project. Trust the our Property Development team to recommend the right one for you, we will help you throughout the process and if required, negotiate on your behalf.

Our bridging finance lenders offer short-term financing, from 1 month to 18 months - until the borrower sells on or obtains more permanent, lower cost financing.

Bridging loans give you a stronger negotiating position when buying property, enabling you to buy without a contingency on the sale of your existing property or other assets. We can arrange a bridging loan from £26,000 - £3 million on a first or second charge basis, typically bridging finance loan to value (LTV) is 70% - 75% against the market value of the property. With 100% possible if the asset is valued above or if additional security is available.

  • The amount you can borrow depends upon the value of your home or security property and your ability to repay from sale proceeds, a long term mortgage or a combination of the two.
  • Second charges can be arranged on the amount which when added to the first mortgage is not more than 70 - 75% of the value of the property.
  • Within the amount of the loan, it is possible to roll-up interest so that your monthly finances are not disrupted. You should be aware that this will increase the amount that you have to pay back